Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Economic News . Data & Views......June 27 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Tuesday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar & Market Moving Data And News For Wednesday Trading ; US - US Indexes Selloff Today - Nasdaq Worst Of All But All Three Firmly In Red , Oil Green In Regular Trading But Reversed Field After Inventory Data Released , Treasury Yields Higher On The Day As Well. ; Europe Stocks Caught Offside By ECB Chief Draghi , Lots Of Turbulence Seen In Major Currency Pairs Today. 2) US Politics : Senate HC Senate Bill Delayed Until After July 4th ( Lack Of Votes ) ; Trump Nominates New FBI Director ; White House Issues Threat To Syria Via Russia About CW Attack - Another "Phantom Menace" I fear; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Cyber Attack Bedevils Europe , US And Globally Today. 4) Europe In Focus : Google Fined 2.4BN Euro Anti-Trust Fine ; UK News - Grenfell Fallout , Tory-DUP Deal ; Trash Piles Up In Athens As Strike Continues ; News From Germany ; Peyta Hack Impacts In Europe ; Germany Pissed Over Italian Banks Bailout ; Additional News Of Note. 5) Odds & Ends - Global Edition !


Asia Market

Economic data due from Asia today (this is a short post)

Offshore and onshore yuan both breaking 6.8 per USD

refrained from for the 4th day in a row; 50bn yuan reverse repos come due today.

No open market operations from the PBOC again today. Stay tuned .... USD/CNY central rate still to come.

Retracted, minor CNN story elates Trump amid his war with 'fake news' mainstream media

US Ambassador To China Branstad: Hopes To Work To Cut China Trade Barriers To US Goods

Takata Shares Drop 69pct to JPY34 After Daily Limit Removed By Stockmarket

FT: Top China think-tank forecasts Q2 GDP of 6.8%

Keep an eye on this !

U.S. says Russia could help N. Korea evade sanctions in lieu of China

Toshiba Throws In Towel On Efforts To Ink Chip Unit Deal On Wednesday

China May Services Trade Deficit $22.5 Bln – RTRS - Jan-May Services Trade Deficit $101.4 Bln


Fed's Kashkari: No rush to raise rates when still some slack in labor market

OIL - Private inventory data shows surprise build in crude stocks

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Euro rips higher, dollar and yen beaten up

US stock indices close near day lows. Blame it on _________.

U.S. crude futures settle at $44.24/bbl. ⬆$0.86. +1.98%. _Q7 volume: ~682k

1 hour ago
Surprise , Surprise , surprise...

More from Kashkari: Nothing on the horizon to suggest another crisis is imminent


Cable blows out stops in a flash jump

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD finds another bid/new high

The USDJPY falls after healthcare vote delay

Euro just hit $1.1305, highest level since Sept as Draghi took mkts by surprise.

US Politics....

Note the slow walk back from Trump committing a crime......

Sanders not a big fan of FBI it appears...

Get your popcorn for this one ! ;-D

Nine Senators out...


Trump officially nominates new FBI director

No claim made by CNN Producer's statements were taken out of context or defense by CNN offered to his observations.

Statement by on was "nearly the last straw" for an "absolutely enraged" Secretary of State Tillerson, writes .

Don't have the votes..

Facing a revolt on healthcare bill, Senate Republicans delay the vote. More here:

Rick Perry, on the global cyber attack, says the hackers "may be lone rangers," and "may or may not work with nation states," not clear.

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NEW: Hours before the White House issued warning to Assad, Tillerson gave the same message to Lavrov

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Kushner, as well as chief strategist Bannon, were consulted prior to Monday evening’s Syria announcement

Plot thickens..

CNN not having a good last few days...

PEYTA or NOT PEYTA Attack Today .....

Petya is another case study on the NSA's tools leaked by to be discussed next month at BH

Reports that the original infection of or was from accounting software based in Ukraine

A update on the threat situation surrounding attacks using the Ransomware.

Petya - All you need to know.

Cyber-attack has impacted companies in: - Ukraine - Russia - United States - India - Spain - Norway - Denmark - United Kingdom

BREAKING: American pharmaceutical company Merck, one of the world's largest, has been hit by cyber-attack.

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UPDATE: now responding to cyber-attack spreading through Europe after intial infections in .

Infrastructure attack in Europe..

You would've thought a lesson was learned from 🤔

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Found evidences of post kernel exploitation too: IA32_SYSENTER_EIP after decoding kernel shellcode. I confirm, this is a WannaCry situation


Car bomb in Kiev kills senior intel officer .....

As expected , German politicians across the spectrum royally pissed off over EUC allowing Italian Banks bailout.


Jeremy Corbyn: I will be Prime Minister in six months -

As trash piles up across Greece, PM and union of garbage collectors fail to resolve jobs row. Public health risk fears as temps of 43C loom.

Chornobyl nuclear power plant has switched to manual radiation monitoring of site b/c cyberattack, says Exclusion Zone agency press service.

BREAKING: 'Petya' cyber attack that started in Ukraine has reached companies in Spain, India, Denmark, Russia, UK, Norway and others.

Hackers hit Russia's top oil producer Rosneft in large-scale cyber attack:


Trash rows become major headache for , from collectors strike to his coalition partner

What in the Holy Heck ? ! ?

Everything you need to know about the deal between the Conservatives and DUP -

How deep will this rabbit hole go ?

PM May's spokesman says 95 buildings in 32 local authorities have failed safety tests, 100 percent failure rate - Reuters

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Google "respectfully" disagrees with the record 2.4-billion-euro EU anti-trust fine, considers appeal

Gulf Rift....

So the question is -or else what Arab Quartet ?

FM says ransom ~$300 million to Iraq ended with 's Quds force. "This is not acceptable"

What you need to know on how the Qatar crisis could impact rebel rivalries in Syria

must change its behaviour or remain isolated, FM says

All the latest developments on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

Germany calls Saudi demands from Qatar 'very provocative'

Qatar's foreign minister Al Thani to meet Secretary of State Tillerson in DC today. Tillerson seeks a diplomatic solution to the Gulf Rift.

’s hotels suffer with just 57% occupancy during holiday

Apart from both standing for Qatar , Turkey and Iran see advantages to becoming closer as well.

Odds & Ends....

| Oscar Perez flying stolen helicopter that dropped grenades on Supreme Court. pics via twitter.

| At this time armed groups still keeping members of Assembly beleaguered at Federal Legislative Palace (9:42 pm).

Is it difficult to find a stolen helicopter?

Venezuela National Assembly stormed...

Meanwhile in Venezuela....

This is a correct application of facts to law. However , it underlines the absence of a legal remedy...

Turkish artillery started to hit Tall Rifaat, Sheikh Issa and Harbul Map:

Protests, looting, gov’t offices burned in Venezuela -

Exclusive: , South Korea likely to hold talks at G20 over THAAD missile shield

Libya remains the main source of destabilization of the Sahel countries: a report -

Record number of migrants rescued off , 8,000 in the last 48 hours

Military Situation In Southeastern Syria. Government Forces In Striking Distance From T2 Pumping Station

families stuck in last pocket as Iraqi forces continue battle

Unfortunately US also bartering off its wealth by spending over $600 bil on military & borrowing $1400 billion a year it doesn't have.